Help your child prepare for his/her first dental visit

It is important that the first dental visit is pleasant, comfortable and not anxiety-producing.
Children are encouraged to visit the dentist when they turn one and then regularly every 4-6 months. Regular visits are important to instill a positive dental attitude and to reinforce life-long habits to maintain good oral hygiene.
Visiting the dentist when your child has problems does not allow this.

Help your child get ready to see the dentist by:

• Being a good role model at home; Maintain a good and balanced diet, start a routine and
encourage your child to brush their teeth every morning and before bedtime.

• Read them books about visiting the dentist. For example, “Peppa Pig visits the dentist”, Dora’s or
Barney’s first dental visit.

• Try role playing at home by getting your child to lie on your lap and open wide whilst you count
their teeth.

• Do not bribe your child into going to the dentist or use a dental visit as a punishment.

• Do not allow anyone to tell your child unpleasant stories about dental visits. Avoid using terms
such as “pain”, “Don’t be scared”.

• You can bring in your child’s favorite toothbrush and toothpaste so that we can demonstrate the
proper technique on him/her.