What to expect on your Child’s First Visit

1. The friendly dentist will personally greet your child in the waiting
room and invite him/her to one of our colorful treatment rooms.

2. We will speak to your child to get to know him/her better and you can
inform us of any of your concerns at the start of the treatment.

3. We will slowly introduce your child to our dental chair and instruments
one by one.

4. Try to allow the dentist to lead the session so that your child can be as
involved as possible. Our dentist and dental assistant will provide lots of
encouragement along the way. Your child may not be able to co-operate
if too many adults are talking at the same time.

5. Every child is different, he/she may breeze through the entire dental
examination and scaling and polishing session or he/she may just be able
to co-operate with a short introductory visit. We may not be able to do
any treatment on your child’s first visit and a proper scaling and
polishing can only be done on the 2nd or 3rd visit. Our dentist will assess
and decide how long the session should be.

6. Your child will be rewarded with a special present for being so brave.

Our aim is for your child to have fun and to leave the clinic happy!